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and time goes by [Aug. 21st, 2012|08:35 pm]
Atheist Angel
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

it always does.
this is for dominic.

despite the transparency of the internet and the assault of privacy in what is dubbed the land of the free, i decide to write.

its almost been a year and i tend to get lax.

but my most current thought happens to be that i think i understand the notion of allowing good things to enter your life.
because im notorious for doing the opposite.  we are all guilty at some point i suppose. or at least, a vast majority of those of us scrambling to define ourselves in this urban junge warfare rat race of a nation.  It started at tumblr strangely enough.  I follow blogs of things that are fun to look at . . .but lately, as i scroll through my dashboard i'm bored by what i see. its an endless stream of mindless things, all people that i willingly chose to follow. 

and then i started clicking to the pages that had showed interest in partciular posts of mine pertaining to light working, unity, spirit, peace, understanding etc etc. 

why the hell wouldnt i have surrounded myself with things like this before?  they appeal to me on a different level. a deeper, more intellectual level.  often these people are more mentally stiumlating- even when i dont particularly have interest in the media in front of me.  so i suppose its time to start letting things like that into my life.  opening my eyes enough to see other people out there and connect to them.  it has been my experience that strangers are considered scary and down right terrifying because we have been bombared with fear based media that has most of us convinced that other people are hostile and judgemental.  As a result, we often live our lives in accordance with a perceived standard of normalcy.  In doing so, we bend our persons to exemplify those qualities we believe are desirable.  Consequently, we then begin to visually segregate ourselves based on race, class sex, gender, religion; those who have say, designer clothes vs. those who are clearly in second hand material.  Now, I haven't even identified or personified these imaginary, clothes wearing people, however I feel as though you, the reader, probably have conjured up a few associations with these images.  In my mind, the non existant designer clothes wearing people are clean, own other nice things, live someplace nice - these people are "acceptable" and chances are, i'd be more prone to say hello to them even without knowing them previously.  As for our friends at the good will store?  Sad images of dirty cheeks and rag-tag clothes came to mind.  The type of people I donate to, the type of people I pass by on the streets.  The type of people I have been culturally conditioned to believe are somehow Beneath me simply because of their economic status.

Economic status.  What the fuck is that anyway?    Because monetary value suddenly started applying to the integrity of a human being.  and who the fuck made it so that impoverished peoples are considered less than human?  and who the fuck said it was ok to make people pay with their lives in order to obtain Basic life neccessities.  things we are all born needing.  who the fuck said it was ok to drain life from people to keep them chomping at the bit as they struggle to survive. 
and why the fuck are we all still Arbitrarily going with the flow of an obviouslly ass backward system?
i hate to break it to you kids, but the only reason the system keeps on chugging away is because we keep feeding it.  we have been so conditioned to be fearful of "but if i dont go to work, if i dont make money- all these bad frightening things will happen. let me just keep going to the place that makes me want to kill myself 40 hours a week and prevents me from exploring more personally satisfying and even community oriented activities for pieces of numbered paper that have actually been made in the same fashion of monopoly money. 

Why do we let these things into our lives?

We are all silently and willingly signing our own death warrants in a sense.

These illusory needs do nothing but destroy us.  convince us we are less than who we should be. that who we are is always just a few steps short of who we should be.
i read a quote once . . . .its not who you are. . . . its who you think you should be (that messes things up) 
I watched a group of ten year olds once comparing prices of their cell phones- that were purchased by their parents- these children blatantly compared costs and subsequently, without realizing it, gave each other value based on how expensive their phone was.                                                           No parent was present to teach modesty either.

Materialism drives me insane.  as does injustice.  It is an unnatural experience to rule, dominante, and opress.  However when it becomes profitable to do these things somehow, well then yes, i can see how corrupted individuals would lean toward such behaviors.

And while i cant become a Buddhist monk overnight, I can make the decision to be conscious.  I can seek to expand my own consciousness as a means of connected with the consciousness of others. Realize that we are all one.  that god is nothing more than an extension of my own consciousness with which i can do anything with.  that love is the ultimate vibration of consciousness that resonates in spades, having a profoundly positive impact on myself and most importantly, all those around me.

legit- what you think is what you get.