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We call this part of our journey: Restlessness [Jun. 12th, 2011|07:31 am]
Atheist Angel
[mood |draineddrained]

As i live out the story that ultimately makes up the pages of my long documented history, I tend to give different periods in my life names...like chapters in a book.  Right now...we call this restlessness.  but its in a good way...

Wawa really is to thank for all of this in some way.  If it werent for my working at several different stores, I wouldnt have the crew i have now.  Its been years since ive had a group of friends i see just about every single day and go out on adventures with.
I cant even count back the days for you to tell you how long this has been going on but i have yet to waste a day.

I think thats the moral of this entire story.....I have a group of people that are mad chill to hang out with.  We go on adventures on the daily or at least hang out and fuck around.  

I dont know how to articulate just how much shit ive been doing in a few words....My tan is the stuff of jealousy...which i dont think has ever happened...i dropped at least 10-15 lbs so im gettin mah sexy on....work is work and we know how i am so yea,  ive been driving around in a jeep living by the notion of top down top off. . which means a jeep devoid of a roof and doors and a driver (me) devoid of anything but shorts and a bikini top. . . .on the N J turnpike...on the way to PA...which we randomly drove out to on monday afternoon.  Because we can.
We've been indulgent, no doubt. .. shit I've been pretty indulgent.   but....i wouldnt say its to excess. I wouldnt say im drowning in my indulgences.  In fact, im just....kickin back and saying fuck it and having the greatest time of my life in the process.

and then i realized...adventure was the best way to learn..its the truth.  having gone out on what i dub adventures on the daily for the past few weeks, especially this week....i cant even tell you how many different people i have met.  how many people i have hung out with. gotten lifted with. sped with.  driven around with. danced with. drank with. hooked up with. connected with. cuddled with.

so many people. . After living in this town for god knows how many years now. . i Finally started meeting the locals and making friends.  now. . .well...my WaWa overnight is the place to be.  I see fucking everyone.  

Romantically...ive sworn off feelings and stuck to emotionally devoid encounters and the attention coupled with the satiating of needs works out pretty well.  All i need is a good group of friends, people to flirt with, and a ton of shit to do to distract me.

But its true..this part of my life i call restlessness because i cant just sit in the house anymore. . . its not winter.  im not hibernating.  i feel bad for people that hang out with me in the winter.  i suck at life.  im tired all the time and i wana sleep thru entire weeks.  Summer comes and im waking myself up out of cat naps even if im exhausted because i refuse to burn daylight.  I crave the sun and the heat.  I have spent nights sleeping on sand simply because i can.  Out here...we are on vacation every day.   I really have turned into a full blown beach kid.

its fantastic.  Listen, i cant sit here and answer questions regarding my level of happiness because i dont know it.  All i know is, the universe really does seem to be unfolding as it should.  ive simply gone with the flow for days and days just doing whatever, going wherever it is the world decides to take me that day...and i cant even tell you...how amazing that simple notion can be.  from just shutting up and saying yes to every possibility for adventure that has come my way.....i duno..i just feel so productive. not just productive...because sometimes my accomplishment is scoring but still, , ,like im headed in the right direction for once?

the days have been absolutely effortless.  things fall into place without anyone trying.  things are just naturally going our way.

its really hard to explain any of this. . . youre just guna have to join the party....its what we do...we go out..we find people..we bring them back and introduce them to everyone..we hang....we just keep adding people to the party.  branching out and connecting group to group..  Actual social networking.  its a beautiful thing. 

im sure i can think of more to write...but im beat from work....and i have a cuddle date. so ima go get on that.  just had to document my adventures right quick.