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That i think America has raised an extremely distrustful and… - A living history of thought [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Atheist Angel

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[Mar. 29th, 2011|02:05 am]
Atheist Angel
That i think America has raised an extremely distrustful and vulnerable youth.  Adolescence was never easy, for any generation,  but i dont know if it was ever quite like this.  This broken.  Not jaded, no.  An entire horde of young teens all desperate for some sort of thing to trust.  They cant trust their god, their country, or their parents.  Everything will eventually end in divorce and desertion.  Fuck man.  I read shit these kids post up on the internet, like no one whos real will ever see it. . .talking bout how much they hurt.  sadness. self hatred.  to the point of destruction. 

ok, so maybe i was like that a little bit at 15...thru..20...  but whatever im way beyond that now

the whole heart-ed ones. . . they are bold. they are the embodiment of strength.  that herculean effort kids show to one another when they first start to learn what friendship is. what an emotional connection is.  love, on a purely instinctual level.  The ones who stand tall, chins up. . . these kids are the ones who dont take shit.  These are the kids that see beauty in the world.  These are the kids that have hope.  Always ready. Always willing.  Never giving up. 

even the tough kid whos secretly very nervous on the inside.

they count too.

At least my generation can remember a time when shit was ok.  when it was good.  Even a little simpler.  I duno anymore. . . .